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Issuance of Succession Certificate by NADRA

Issuance of Succession certificate by NADRA

Prime Minister Imran Khan launched on January 21 the letter of administration and succession certificates initiative of the National Database and Registration Authority.

The law ministry has established succession facilitation units in collaboration with NADRA for issuing succession certificates to legal heirs in 15 days. The process used to take years previously.

People in Pakistan will now receive letters of administration and succession certificates in two weeks.

They can now simply contact NADRA and won’t have to go the court. Here are the steps people will have to follow after they submit their application.

  • Step 1: Application initiation—-Submit their CNIC number along with the deceased’s death certificate.

  • Step 2: Legal heirs and assets—-Submit relevant details of legal heirs and information on the deceased’s properties.

  • Step 3: Verification and consent—-All legal heirs will have to visit NADRA’s Registration centre for biometric verification.

  • Step 4: Advertisement—-NADRA will publish the notice for the public at large in newspapers seeking any objections against the particular objection.

  • Step 5: Printing and delivery—-If no objection is received within 14 days then succession certificate/letter of administration will be printed and issued.

Pakistanis can also verify their succession certificate/letter of administration after paying Rs50. For more details visit:

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