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Welcome to our new Website

The High Commission is pleased to inform everyone that it has revamped its website to meet the visitors’ needs more efficiently.

A complete list of Consular Services provided by the High Commission can now be found under ‘Consular Services’ tab on the main menu.

Visa types have also been updated and new sections like ‘E-Visa’ and ‘Pilgrim Visa’ have been added.

All upcoming events of the High Commission will now be posted on the website and an email will be sent to the subscribers of the website (Please subscribe if you have not already done that).

Section on Government of Pakistan with information on important government dignitaries has also been added.

Another section on Pak-NZ relations has also been created which will be updated with more information on the relations between the two countries.

The website will continue to see improvements in future. New sections providing information on specific sectors of Pakistan especially on Tourism will be added. In this regard your suggestions and inputs are highly welcomed.

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