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SOPs for International Inbound Passengers

From 5 October 2020 all international travelers to Pakistan are required to follow the following SOPs:

  • All passengers are required to install and register on the Pass Track App.

  • All passengers must insert data on the pass track app before landing in Pakistan. Download on Android or see web format

  • If the passengers by any possibility do not have pass track app, they would need to fill a health declaration form (HDF) before landing.

  • Countries will be categorized into category A and B primarily based on epidemiological risk assessment (see the list below).

  • Returning travelers from Category B countries must show proof of a negative RT-PCR test not older than 96 hours prior to travel

Category A Countries

  • The people coming from this category of countries, do not require RT-PCR test as a criterion before travelling to Pakistan.

  • If symptoms free, passengers from these countries do not need to quarantine after arrival

  • If having symptoms will be required to have a COVID 19 RT PCR test conducted and its result essentially submitted to the designated authorities. within 48 hours of their arrival. They are not required to be retained/quarantined by the authorities at the time of disembarkation, and can proceed to their destination.

  • In instances where the test is found to be negative, they do not need to be quarantined at their respective homes/place of visit; however, in case of a positive RT-PCR result, such cases would be required to self-isolate as per the guidelines for positive cases and isolation procedures. Furthermore, the contacts of positive case need to self-quarantine in accordance to the guidelines for self-quarantine.

Category B Countries

  • The people coming from this category of countries would need to get tested and provide a negative COVID 19 RT-PCR test result before boarding for travel to Pakistan.

  • The COVID 19 RT PCR test is required to have been conducted within a duration of 96 hours prior to the time of departure.

  • The negative RT-PCR test needs to be shown at the time of boarding at the port of origin, as well as during the health screening at arrival in Pakistan.

  • Those not possessing a test result, may provisionally be considered for travel to Pakistan, with essential adherence to the procedures of arrival laid out for screening and testing as applicable for Category A countries.

Read complete SOPs here.

If you have any questions regarding your travel to Pakistan please go through the official COVID website of Government of Pakistan:

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