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Revised Guidelines and requirement of RT-PCR test for International Passengers including from NZ

The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority has issued the following revised Guidelines for International Passengers (including New Zealand) travelling to Pakistan effective from 5 May 2021:

The aircraft operations shall be subject to full compliance of Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) instructions regarding aircraft disinfection, passenger and crew protection measures. All Airlines are to ensure that SOPs implemented by the PCAA are followed in letter & spirit by all passengers and crew members. Non-compliance shall result in strict punitive action by PCAA.

In order to ensure safety of passengers and crew (cockpit & cabin) and to minimize the risks associated with COVID-19, following measures are to be taken in case of passenger and chartered aircraft flight operations to Pakistan:


1. Passengers travelling to Pakistan from any country will be required to present a RT-PCR test before commencement of travel, conducted within the 72 hours prior to commencement of travel to Pakistan; whereas, travel from Category C Country is banned except for those given exemption by NCOC exemption committee.

2. For emergency travel authorization / special exemption of travel to Pakistan from Category C Countries, complete details such as Nature of Emergency, Passenger Travel Documents, Travel Itineraries and Supporting Documents may be sent to the e-mail for consideration of exemption cases by the Exemption Committee of NCOC.

3. In case any airline transport any passenger without RT-PCR test then the airline shall be liable to financial & administrative penalties as per Civil Aviation Rules.

4. It shall be mandatory for all passengers travelling to Pakistan to download and install PASS TRACK app from the Google Play Store / Apple Store and enter their personal details as required. The airlines shall ensure that the passengers have uploaded their information on the app or have a printed copy of uploaded information generated by the app prior to issuance of boarding passes at point of original embarkation. Those passengers who do not have android / Apple phones shall enter their data on the web portal ( Passengers who prefer to upload their data on the web portal shall be required to provide paper print of the same prior to obtaining boarding pass at the airport of original embarkation. Passengers shall be required to capture the image of their RT-PCR test (if done) and upload it on the app or web portal.

5. Following passengers shall be exempted from both RT-PCR testing and PASS TRACK app uploading requirement:

a. Children below 12 years.

b. Disabled passengers.

c. High level international delegations

d. Pakistani Deportees

e. Crew shall only be exempted from Pak Pass Track App, however, RT-PCR / Rapid Antigen Test shall be mandatory

6. The aircraft travelling to Pakistan shall be disinfected in accordance with the procedures prescribed by PCAA before passenger boarding. The disinfection is to be logged in aircraft documents. The Captain of the aircraft shall satisfy himself regarding full compliance of PCAA instructions on disinfection.

7. An inventory of essential Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), comprising protection suits, gloves, face masks, goggles, and N-95 masks, etc. shall be maintained in each aircraft.

8. The airline through its station manager / or the GHA where applicable, shall be responsible for providing the passenger manifest to the destination airport in Pakistan, before take-off of the flight. The Airport Manager at the destination airport shall transfer this passenger manifest to the health desk at the airport manned by Central Health Establishments (CHE) Directorate, M/o NHSR&C.


9. Passengers are to comply with the following instructions during air travel to Pakistan. These are in addition to any other instructions which are otherwise mandated for safe air travel, or as issued by the Cabin Crew from time to time during the flight:

a. All passengers are required to wear face masks throughout the duration of flights except during meal timings. The masks shall be provided by the airline at check in counter of the airport if the passengers do not have their own.

b. Passengers are to occupy only the seats allocated to them and not change the seats in any case. They are also not allowed to congregate in the aircraft during the course of air travel.

c. Any passenger having symptoms or feelings of COVID-19, including but not limited to shortness of breath, coughing and high fever must immediately inform the cabin crew.

10. All cockpit and cabin crew will wear face masks throughout the duration of flight without compromising on safety.

11. Cabin crew will provide hand sanitizer after every hour during the flight to each passenger except during the food / beverage service.

12. Food and beverages will be served on flights with proper packaging and precautions.

13. One Aft row in each aircraft shall be kept vacant for the passengers and crew displaying symptoms of illness.

14. The passengers and crew members displaying symptoms of illness will be isolated towards aft of the aircraft and kept there till the termination of flight. Such passengers shall remain at this seat in the aircraft till such time the health crew is called in by the cabin crew for medical evacuation.

15. Cabin Crew will spray disinfectant in the lavatory after every 60 minutes of flight.

16. The cabin crew shall use alcohol-based disinfection wipes to clean and disinfect their hands. After touching or disposing wastes, hands should be cleaned with hand sanitizer or soap.

17. Upon contacting ill passengers (having symptoms of COVID-19), cabin attendants must ensure use of N-95 masks, gloves and protective goggles.


18. Disembarkation will be done row wise in an orderly manner from front to back ensuring social distance.

19. All travellers should be in queue with a distance of 02 meters and will undergo thermal scanning.

20. The Health staff to ensure following protocols for Inbound Travellers to Pakistan:

• Rapid Antigen Testing of all passengers on arrival at Airports in Pakistan.

• Negative cases will undergo 10 days self quarantine at home with stringent Trace, Test & Quarantine (TTQ) protocols.

• Positive cases will be shifted by Provincial / District Administration to self paid facility for 10 days quarantine with TTQ of contacts (if any). 2nd RT PCR test will be conducted on 8th day of quarantine period. In case of negative result, passenger will be allowed to proceed home. However, in case of positive result, passenger will either undergo additional quarantine period or will be shifted to hospital as per advice of health authorities.

21. If any passenger has not registered / upload to Pass Track App, NITB / Health Officials staff will help / ensure the passengers to upload Pass Track App prior to proceeding to immigration counters.

22. No meet and greet shall be allowed at the airport. Drivers shall stay inside the vehicle in the parking lot.

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