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Pakistan Origin Card (POC)

Pakistan Origin Card (POC)

The scheme for issuance of Pakistan Origin Card to eligible foreigners of Pakistan Origin was launched in 2002. Basic condition/ requirement for applying POC is that the applicant should have a Pakistani origin. The foreigners who had been citizen of Pakistan at any time of their life, their children/ grand children and foreign spouses of Pakistani citizens/origins can be entitled for POC cards. Moreover, family members of said foreigners can also be eligible to obtain POCs.

POC card has numerous benefits as compared to Pakistani visa. It not only gives unlimited visa-free entries and indefinite stay in Pakistan but also right to purchase, sell, own, deal with and dispose of moveable and immovable property anywhere in Pakistan. A card holder has right to open and operate the bank accounts in Pakistan.

POC policy /details and application forms can be downloaded by visiting NADRA website link:

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