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Pakistan High Commission, Camp office in Auckland

To facilitate the Pakistan community living in Auckland and surrounding areas, a consular visit to Auckland takes place once in two months.

For attestation of a Power of Attorney, all applicants are advised to visit Camp Office in Auckland in person and sign on Power of Attorney in the presence of the Consular officer. The applicants are further advised to bring along following documents:

1. Original Power of Attorney (POA ) 2. Original Passport & CNIC/NICOP (along with photo copies) 3. Two passport size photographs 4. POA Proforma duly filled in by Executor (proforma will be available at Camp Office, Auckland and is also available on our website: [download here) 5. Original receipt of fee deposit. NZ$55.00 can be directly deposited in ANZ Bank account No. 011823-0019313-00. Insert the name as reference in the Bank Receipt. 6. Self-addressed return courier envelope. This envelope will be used to return your documents by post.

The Power of Attorney will be returned to applicants by courier/post after completion of formalities at the Pakistan High Commission in Wellington.

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