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Message of the High Commissioner to the Pakistani nationals stuck in New Zealand and Pakistan

Dear all, We are aware of the problems faced by all those Pakistani nationals who are stuck either in New Zealand or Pakistan and are unable to go back to their home country due to the fallout of ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

The High Commission is in the process of collecting information about such individuals and is regularly sharing it with the Pakistani authorities including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Islamabad so that the decision about the special flight operations in Pakistan could be made, factoring in as well the request of those who want to travel back to New Zealand or Pakistan. Please be assured that the High Commission is making all efforts to solve the problems of Pakistanis living in New Zealand on ‘top priority’ basis. As soon as we get any news about the possibility of accommodating Pakistani nationals to travel to/from Pakistan/New Zealand, the High Commission would immediately contact each individual personally to let them know. We are also in touch with our High Commission in Canberra so that New Zealand nationals/residents stuck in Pakistan or vice versa could be accommodated in any possible flights which may be operated to/from Australia. You would surely appreciate that the Mission’s proactive decision of collecting information of all such individuals is helpful to raise the issue at Government level and to contact them swiftly if an opportunity arises. It is, therefore, requested, once again, that please register with us through our online form if you have not already done so and also subscribe to our website for regular updates.

Take care of yourself and your family!

Regards, Yours Faithfully, Dr. Abdul Malik, High Commissioner of Pakistan Wellington, New Zealand.

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