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Message of the High Commissioner on the commencement of Ramadan

“Ramadan Mubarak!”

I would like to congratulate all my Pakistani brothers and sisters residing in New Zealand on the commencement of holy month of Ramadan. On this occasion, I pray to Allah Almighty that He may shower you and your beloved families with His choicest blessings!

Muslims during this month observe fasting which is one of the five pillars of Islam. We dedicate ourselves to self sacrifice and seek forgiveness from Allah for our sins. The act of fasting also reminds us that we have to take care of those amongst the society who are poor and needy. Holy month of Ramadan also provides us an opportunity to meet each other. The daily congregational prayers and Traweeh offered at mosque, and also celebratory parties at the Iftar time are good occasions to strengthen the brotherly bond. However, this year due to Coronavirus pandemic, unfortunately we will not be able to observe the month in its traditional way. I would advise you all to observe social distancing and celebrate the holy month with your families. I pray and hope that in exchange for your month long fasting and donations of alms to poor and needy, Allah rewards you with peace, love and a blissful life, both here and hereafter.

Warm regards, Dr. Abdul Malik

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