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Manual Extension in MRP

In order to facilitate overseas Pakistanis during the current crisis the Government of Pakistan has made the following decisions:

  1. The Mission will extend manually the expired Machine Readable Passports (MRP) for a further period of one year. The applicant will have to submit a paper application along with the copies of passport, CNIC and NZ$ 15 in fee.

  2. Manual endorsement for new born babies will be made on either of the parents' passport on the completion of all formalities and payment of NZ$ 12 in fee

  3. If a person applies online for passport renewal and cannot receive their passport due to suspension of flights, a manual extension will also be granted on their existing passport by the Mission.

In regard to extension of passports, an expired CNIC will also be entertained. However, this facility is available until 30.06.2020.

***This service is not available anymore. Please apply for renewal of passports online or visit the High Commission***

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