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Establishment of Hotline for Novel Corona Virus

Dear all,

As you know that there is a global outbreak of novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) and till today Pakistan has confirmed 4 cases of novel Corona Virus (2 in Karachi and 2 in Islamabad) while New Zealand has also confirmed its first case in Auckland. While the governments around the world are taking actions to contain the virus it is important that all of us follow the general guidelines issued by the WHO and relevant health departments to keep ourselves safe.

The High Commission of Pakistan has established a hotline to liaise with the Pakistani Community on issues related to the virus. If you have any concerns or would like to share any information regarding the spread of novel Corona Virus please contact the following:

Ms. Mariya Abdul Ghafoor

Phone: 0064-4-4790075


For more information please click the following links:

National Institute of Health (Pakistan) Corona Virus Response

Immigration New Zealand Response on Corona Virus

World Health Organization's Guidelines for Corona Virus

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