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General Instruction

  1. Applicants can submit their documents personally or send through a registered mail / courier.

  2. Visa is liable to be cancelled if information requested in the form is withheld or found to be incorrect.

  3. Original signatures on each form. (For children under12 years, the parents can sign visa application forms on their behalf)

  4. Passport must be valid for a minimum of six months.

  5. New Zealand nationals not resident in New Zealand should apply for visa in their respective countries of residence (a New Zealander who is visiting another country cannot apply to a Pakistani visa from third country)

  6. A foreigner holding a New Zealand visitor visa holder is advised to apply for a Pakistani visa from their countries of origin.

  7. Visa is usually given within one week. Delays, however, can occur due to circumstances beyond the High Commission’s control, especially where a reference has to be made to Pakistan or due to an incomplete application.

  8. Visa fee is subject to periodical revision without notice.

  9. If the visa Officer is satisfied about the purpose of a visit, an appropriate visa will be issued to the applicant. • Person traveling on Diplomatic / Official passports are required to attach TPN from MFAT.

Visitor Visa

Tourist Visa

Business Visa

Work Visa

Business visa upon arrival

Journalist Visa

Non-Government Organization (NGO) Visa

Visa For Non – New Zealand Nationals

Visa For Indian Nationals

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