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I have misplaced my passport somewhere. What should I do? Is there any fee?

Send us copy of Passport, copy of National ID, Passport Passport Form (A) and Form for lost passport, 3 passport size photographs. The fee for the passport issued in lieu of lost passport is NZ$150/-


What is the usual visa processing time?

Visa usually is given within three days time. Delays, however, can occur due to circumstances beyond the High Commission’s control, especially where a reference has to be made to Pakistan.

What is the visa fee for New Zealand Passport holder?

Single Entry Visa Fee NZ$90.00, Upto 01 year multiple entries visa Fee NZ$135.00 and more than 01 year multiple entries visa Fee NZ$180.00

What is the work visa fee for New Zealand Passport holder?

Single Entry Visa Fee NZ$150.00, Upto 01 Year Multiple Entries Visa Fee NZ$ 225.00 and more than 01 Year Multiple Entries Visa Fee NZ$300.00

I am a tourist, holding New Zealand visit visa, can I apply for visa to Pakistan?

You may apply for visa from your country of origin.

I am on a resident permit/work permit in New Zealand, how much visa fee I have to pay?

Visa fee depends on the country of passport. Visa fee differs for non-New Zealanders. Please contact our consular office for the exact amount you need to pay.

Will I be allowed to do humanitarian or NGO work on a visit visa?

No, you are not allowed to do humanitarian or NGO work on a visit visa. To be able to work you may have to apply under that specific category.

What is the passport validity requirement for Pakistan visa?

Passport must be valid for at least 06 months period.


Do I have to surrender CNIC to obtain NICOP/POC?

In case if you are applying for POC (Pakistan Origin card); you have to surrender your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card). However, for NICOP you don’t have to surrender your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card).

Do I need to fill in the Urdu portion of the NICOP form?

Yes, you should fill out the columns marked in Urdu.

Can minors (under 18) apply for NICOP?


How do I get the NICOP form attested?

Any person holding CNIC or NICOP can attest the form. The High Commission can also facilitate on presentation of requisite documents.

Do I really need my parent’s NICOP/CNIC number?

In order to facilitate processing of your application in Pakistan you must provide the NICOP/CNIC numbers of your parents if they are alive and currently Pakistani citizens. If the parents are not alive just write DECEASED. In that case, a copy of the blood relation’s NICOP/CNIC would be needed.

Police Clearance Certificate:

I want to apply for a Police clearance certificate from Pakistan, what is the process?

No fee is required. Two sets of Police clearance form may please be filled and sent to the High Commission with 4 photographs, copy of the Passport and copy of National Identity Card may be attached with the application. The High Commission will forward the application to respective police authority. The reply may take 3-6 months depending on the processing time.


Do I need to send a return envelope with my application?

Yes, please send two return envelopes. We will mail the receipt for your application in one envelope and your card in the other.

Is consular fees refundable?

Consular fees once deposited can not be funded.

What is the mode of payment?

Direct Bank Deposit in ANZ Bank Account No: 011823-0019313-00. Insert the Passport number as Reference in the Bank Receipt and send the original Receipt with your application form. Certified Bank Cheques / Money Order drawn in favour of “High Commission for Pakistan”. (PERSONAL CHEQUES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE).

Can Consular fee be paid in cash?

The High Commission does NOT accept cash payments.

Do I need to send separate money orders/cashier’s checks for each applicant?

Yes, you need to make separate money orders for each applicant. For a group/family collective payment can be made provided a copy of receipt is attached to each application with clear reference.

I need to change my name. What do I do?

For any name changes in the passport, it is obligatory, to first have the desired changes in NICOP/CNIC through NADRA in Pakistan.

I am a student here, can I get a fee waiver?

There is no fee waiver for applying for the NICOP card.

Where do I mail my application?

Pakistan High Commission, 182 Onslow Road, Khandallah Wellington 6035.

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