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23 March 2013 Message from the President

Message from Mr. Asif Ali Zardari President Islamic Republic of Pakistan (On Pakistan Day, 23rd March 2013)

“The Pakistan Day this year will go down in history of the country as a memorable day when the democratically elected Parliament and the government completed, for the first time, its constitutionally mandated term and the nation is poised for a democratic transition. It is indeed a watershed mark and a giant leap forward in the nation’s quest for democracy, federalism and constitutionalism for which Pakistan was created”.

On this auspicious occasion of Pakistan Day today I wish to greet the entire Pakistani nation and also urge the people to rededicate themselves to upholding these principles.

Seventy three years ago on this day the Muslims of the subcontinent resolved to achieve a separate homeland for themselves and then set out to actually achieve it within a short span of seven years. It is therefore an auspicious day as it symbolizes the expression of the collective will of the Muslims of the subcontinent and is a reminder of their unity of thought in search of their common destiny.

Pakistan Day, each year, is an occasion to reiterate our commitment to the ideals for which Pakistan was created. It is also an occasion to pay tributes to the Father of the Nation, Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, as well as to all those who struggled, suffered and sacrificed for the cause.

Let us remind to ourselves on this day that Pakistan was created as a result of democratic struggle and its survival and wellbeing also depends on democracy. It is a manifestation of the democratic ethos of our people that the elected Parliament first purged the Constitution of dictatorial clauses and then completed its full five year term. I wish to compliment the nation for this.

Let us on this day resolve that we will not permit anyone to trample on democratic aspirations of the people. This requires that we work in the spirit of tolerance, mutual accommodation and respect for dissent. It also requires that the Parliament, the people and all institutions of the state will work in harmony.

My Allah bless us in our efforts to prove ourselves worthy inheritors of the homeland and heritage bequeathed to us by our forefathers.

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