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Trade between Pakistan and New Zealand

The two-way trade between Pakistan and New Zealand in Financial Year 2021-22 stood at approx. US$ 112.78 million. Pakistan’s exports to New Zealand during this period were US$ 66.71 million while imports from New Zealand stood at US$ 46.07 million.


Pakistan’s major exports to New Zealand are textiles products such as linen, cotton, yarn and apparel, cereals, carpets and leather articles. Pakistan’s major imports from New Zealand are primarily dominated by dairy products, honey, wood pulp, paper, edible oil, raw hides, wool, iron steel, sugar, cocoa and electrical machinery.

Market Mapper

Market Mapper is a free tool developed by the NZ government which allows you to easily and quickly create a density map of your target customers. This will be useful in decisions around marketing efforts, where to locate a business, and estimation of market size. It uses Statistics New Zealand’s census data and allows users to describe their market of interest in terms of age, sex, ethnicity, income, family type, and household composition. The map shows where most of these types of people can be found. The map also allows users to get a demographic profile of an area via linking to ‘QuickStats’.

Market Mapper uses 2013 Census data and reflects the boundaries of that time.

NZ Official Trade Statistics


​You can use InfoShare to look at NZ's trade with other countries. You can find out what NZ is importing and exporting and compare the trends over time. You can also analyse NZ-Pakistan trade and identify the meerhandise being traded.

Trade Inquiries

If you are a trader and wish to obtain certain information from NZ or Pakistan click here

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