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Issuance of National Identity Card - NADRA Pak Identity Services For Overseas Pakistanis


NADRA Pak Identity ( is providing online services facility to Overseas
Pakistani who can process their ID card from their homes at their convenience. The process is
very easy and simple, even fingerprints and documents can be uploaded via Pak Identity
Mobile App .

Applications can be launched in the following categories via

• National Identity card (For Pakistanis residing Overseas/Dual Nationals) - NICOP

(a) Apply for Fresh/New Identity card (NICOP)
(b) Apply for reprint of your identity card (NICOP) if you have lost it
(c) Modify data on identity card (NICOP)such as marital status, address etc
(d) Renewal of your identity card (NICOP)

POC- For non-Pakistanis with Pakistani origin either by descent, marriage or renounced Pakistani Citizenship.


(a) Apply for Fresh/New POC
(b) Apply for Modification/Renewal of POC

• Family Registration Certificate (FRC)
• Cancellation of Identity card due to Renunciation of Nationality.
• Verification of existing Identity document
• Verification of Succession certificate
• Legal Heirs Biometric verification for Succession certificate.
• For Power of Attorney

For Queries/Complaints:

Contact us through Call Center:
For any type of queries or complaints please approach us through NADRA Call Center at

Connect with us through Facebook Messenger 24/7:
Please click and you will be connected to one of NADRA Pak ID representatives for guidance and resolution of your query.

Launch Complaint via Complaint Management System (CMS):

In order to be more efficient and responsive towards applicant’s queries, NADRA has launched
online Complaint Management System. Applicants can lodge complaint and get a reply with
resolution of complaint within 48 hours. The web address is

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